Easy to Care For Fish
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Easy to Care For Fish

For seasoned freshwater aquarium hobbyists, any kind of freshwater fish can be maintained and guided into living a long and healthy life.


For seasoned freshwater aquarium hobbyists, any kind of freshwater fish can be maintained and guided into living a long and healthy life. But for new freshwater aquarium owners, that is not the case. The skills and the discipline required to successfully maintain a freshwater aquarium can only be acquired through time and experience, so it is best if a new freshwater aquarium owner get appropriate types of fish at first before moving on to more high maintenance fish. If you are one of those who are justing starting out in the freshwater aquarium hobby, here are some tips on choosing the best fish for first time aquarium owners.

Things to Remember Before Adding Fish to a Freshwater Aquarium

Before you even pick the types of fish you will be introducing into your freshwater aquarium, remember that not all kinds of fish are compatible with a freshwater aquarium. Whatever you are planning on adding to your freshwater aquarium like the cleaning equipment and decorations, plus the the size of your fish tank, you should take it all into consideration when choosing fish. It all plays a part in your maintenance for your fish.

Fish for Beginner Freshwater Aquarium Owners

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow is the most ideal type of fish for beginners because they are the easiest to maintain. It is a schooling fish so you need to introduce three or more of this type of fish into your freshwater aquarium to keep them happy and comfortable. The fish are also much more noticeable swimming in a school. They do not require too much space, ideal for a small to medium sized freshwater aquariums. Their preference of food is also common like flakes and bloodworms. This means you don't have to prepare a specialized diet just for them. Finally, they are an extremely gratifying fish to keep; when healthy they are very active and enjoy exploring.

The Siamese Fighting Fish is also a good choice for beginner freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. Similar to the White Cloud Mountain Minnow, it is small in size so it takes up little space in your freshwater aquarium. It is also a very colorful fish so it can definitely bring some visual candy to your fish tank. Do take note that if you are going to get a male Siamese Fighting Fish, make sure you only get one. It is a very aggressive fish, hence the name, and if you put two of this type of fish in one freshwater aquarium, they will fight each other to the death.

The Corydoras Catfish is one of the most popular fish among beginner and expert freshwater aquarium owners alike because if its sociable nature and medium sized body. You don't have to worry about this fish starting fights with other types of fish because it is very friendly whether it is with its own kind or not. It doesn't have a specialized diet, so it is easy to feed. In fact, it will even help in keeping the tank clean as catfish eat food scraps that fall to the bottom of the tank. It does appreciate tropical snacks like algae wafers every once in a while.

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