Feeding a Black Moor Goldfish
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Feeding a Black Moor Goldfish

The Black Moor goldfish is a rare goldfish type which traces its roots to ancient Japan and China. It is characterized by its vibrant colors ranging from velvet black to metallic gold.

What is a Black Moor Goldfish?

The Black Moor goldfish is a rare goldfish type which traces its roots to ancient Japan and China. It is characterized by its vibrant colors ranging from velvet black to metallic gold. The color of the goldfish changes over time depending on its environment. The Black Moor goldfish can live up to 25 years with a length of as much as 10 inches.

What to Feed This Type of Fish?

Black Moor goldfish, like any other types of goldfish, can eat just about anything. It eats almost everything given to it like pellets, flakes, shrimps, daphnia, bloodworms and cocktail shrimps. Pellets available in most pet shops are not, however, recommended for Black Moor goldfish since the food absorbs a lot of water and may expand in the stomach that could cause indigestion and even bladder ailments. Flakes are also readily available in pet stores, with a higher protein percentage and greater ingredient variety considered more high quality. Frozen foods are also considered nutritious supplements, while live foods may contain parasites that may infect the goldfish. Bloodworms are also considered good foods for Black Moor goldfish, as well as brine shrimp and tubifex worms.

On the other hand, vegetables are also recommended for Black Moor goldfish as it provides them with fiber and vitamins that help in their digestion and avoiding disorders like constipation. Black Moor goldfish also like eating frozen spinach, peas, carrots, and corn. It is best to have these lightly steamed for extra softness. Peas should also be skinned first before feeding to the fishes.

The diet of the Black Moor goldfish should be balanced and this is only achieved when a variety of foods can be given to the fish. Mixing good quality flakes with fresh vegetables, live foods and frozen foods should be given to a Black Moor goldfish. Due to the eye shape of the Black Moor fish, it usually gets a hard time in finding certain foods like frozen foods and flakers that will float around first before settling down the tank water. Black Moor goldfish may have to be placed away from faster fishes since it needs time to see the foods given to it.

How often do you feed black moor fish?

Black Moor goldfish should be fed at least once a day. Most experienced fish owners feed Black Moor goldfish twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Live plants can be given to the fish all day long. Frozen foods and flakes are usually given once a day. A small pinch of food is usually added to the tank one at a time. Black Moor gold fish can consume food in as quickly as 2 minutes.

After feeding the Black Moor fish, owners should remove uneaten food to prevent pollution of water. Leftover food can result in contaminating the water particularly among rising ammonia levels that can be damaging to the health of the goldfish. Likewise the use of a feeding ring can be used to reduce risks of overfeeding the Black Moor goldfish.

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