General Facts About Tropical Gourami
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General Facts About Tropical Gourami

The gourami tropical fish is not just easy to feed and maintain, it is easy to breed too. All one needs to do is place one male and one female inside a separate container with a lot of plants and pebbles.


For beginner aquarists looking for the perfect type of fish that is easy to care for, the Gourami tropical fish is a good choice. This type of fish is bright and colorful which makes it a visually stunning addition to any fish tank. It is also very energetic and playful, which means it can provide endless hours of entertainment to the aquarium owner.

Physical Appearance

Blue GouramiThere are two main groups of gouramis based on their body size: the Dwarf Gouramis and the larger gouramis. It is in their coloration that they mostly vary from species to species. However, most of the brightly colored ones are males. The females tend to have less coloration and usually come in mostly solid colors.

Behavior and Temperament

Gouramis tend to be energetic and playful fish, thriving with other species in a single fish tank. They are better companions to fish that are similar in size, but they are generally friendly to all types of fish, regardless of shape, size and color, except of course the ones that are naturally aggressive. When it is breeding time however, the males tend to be territorial, so some scuffles can be expected occasionally. Most of the time, gouramis provide a peaceful and playful atmosphere in fish tank environments.

Feeding and Maintenance

Dwarf GouramiGouramis are quite easy to maintain. They are omnivores, and the fish food one can get from a pet store is enough to keep them happy. A varied diet of fish flakes, live foods and freeze dried foods should do the trick. Giving gouramis a lot of surface area on the water in a fish tank is a very good idea since they tend to come up from time to time. They will usually come up to breathe, so one does not need to be surprised or to panic if they see gouramis seemingly gasping for air on the water's surface. It is quite natural and can be considered a part of their entertainment appeal.

Different Types of Gouramis

There are several types of gouramis, including the blue gourami, the dwarf gourami, the gold gourami, the gol honey gourami, the pearl gourami, the red honey gourami, the silver gourami and the rubber lip gourami. Obviously, their names describe their species' most prominent physical features, mostly pertaining to body coloration. People who want gouramis can mix these different species together in one fish tank, since gouramis are quite community friendly to fish of the same species or outside their species.


Pearl GouramiThe gourami tropical fish is not just easy to feed and maintain, it is easy to breed too. All one needs to do is place one male and one female inside a separate container with a lot of plants and pebbles. The plants are mainly for providing the female plenty of hiding places because the males can get pretty aggressive when breeding. The pebbles are for the male who will build a nest where the female can lay eggs. Once the eggs have been laid, the female needs to be removed from the tank. The male fish will take things from there.

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