Taking Care of a Glofish
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Taking Care of a Glofish

The glofish is an omnivore. It can ingest almost any edible stuff available. Flakes, frozen, and live feeds are its common food.


The beaming sheens of a glofish captured the ornament fish market. It is not only graced with bright colors but with iridescence, too. Its attractive appearance made it possible to enter the fish trade in 2003. Now, it has been illuminating aquariums all over the world. To conserve its stunning reputation, it is critical to recognize the tricks on how to take care of a glofish.

Glowing Glofish

Who would have thought that the glofish is a mutant? This lustrous fish is a product of experimental science. It is naturally a zebra danio fish injected with some luster-producing genes of a jellyfish. The procedure altered its genetic make-up by enabling its covering hues to glow. It was intended to be used as a pollutant detector underwater. However, its blaze made it a commodity later on.

This lustrous fish belongs to the small variety of fishes. It can grow roughly at six centimeters. It is wrapped in stripes with different shades such as red, orange, and green. All these colors are further highlighted by its fluorescent property. It is one fine breakthrough of science patented under its creator, Dr Zhiyuan Gong and company.

Gleaming Guidelines

GlofishStability of water quality is crucial. It should be strictly maintained by preventing radical water changes in terms of temperature, pressure, ph level, and the like. Extreme temperatures are not advisable, moderation is the key. Chlorine and water treatment chemicals should be avoided, too. Water changes should be done by gradual refill of 25-50% at a time. Also, a filter may be installed to optimize the condition of underwater life. Indeed, it takes some effort to perfect the means on how to take care of a glofish.

Moreover, there are strategies to enhance the luminous effects on the sheens of the fish. Sufficient lighting can be implemented interchangeably using white and black light. There are available ornaments in stores to provide vegetation, cavelike-hubs, and substrates. All these comprise the perfect background for a picturesque moment with the glofish.

Glittering Gobbles

The glofish is an omnivore. It can ingest almost any edible stuff available. Flakes, frozen, and live feeds are its common food. These include brine shrimp, worms, veggies, and the like. These are readily available over the counter along with supplements. However, the quantity of feeds should be monitored to minimize pollution in the aquarium. Feeding must be done once or twice in moderate amounts. This way, the feeds will not end as unconsumed stuff floating as pollutants.

Grazing Group

The query on how to take care of a glofish involves the concern on tankmates. The glofish can co-exist with its small folks. It is good-natured and sociable to its fellows. It is also an active little creature on its habitat. In particular it can get along with those of its kind such as the zeba danios, swordtails, platys, and the like. These comprise an attractive school of fish underwater.

True indeed, satisfying the demands on how to take care of a glofish is rewarding with its sparkling marked-tints!

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