Tips For Starting Your First Fish Aquarium
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Tips For Starting Your First Fish Aquarium

Often peoplego to a pet store, purchase a fish tank, and then some pretties to add to it without any considertation of the type of fish that are suitable for their tank. Another issue, is making the correct selection of fish based on size, type of aquarium, and personality.

Most kids want a pet. Parents often believe that fish is the solution to avoiding housebreaking, chewing, and barking when their kids want a pet. Most pet shops have multiple fish aquariums that are full of beautiful fish for you to choose from. Most people, due to their busy lifestyle, want a pet that is relatively easy to care for. Fish, like any other pet, must be cared for properly, and they do require work. Most fish require little more than a clean tank, the correct water temperature and the proper food. Some are require minimal care, while others are more delicate.

When choosing fish, you must first decide if you are going to need a fresh water or salt water aquarium. Your choice of fish will depend on the type of aquarium that you are going to set up. As a beginner, you should begin with a fresh water aquarium. They are much less expensive to set up and maintain than salt water aquariums.

Salt water aquariums are extremely expensive to maintain, and require a lot of work. You will need items such as live rock which is derived from coral. Live rock serves as a biological filter. Of course, lighting will be needed in both types of tanks, but those needed for a saltwater aquarium are more expensive. You must be able to test and maintain the salt level of your water, or your fish, coral, and live rock will die. Although there may be a wider fish selection for this type of tank, especially if you enjoy the exotic fish, this is a poor choice unless you are willing to spend the extra time and money it requires to maintain your tank.

There are two main reasons that fish owners find fish that are dead in the tank. One is because they may have been sick when they were purchased, suffered from oxygen deprivation, or they are incompatible with other fish in the tank. Another primary reason for fish dying is that their tank is not clean enough or is too small. When choosing fish, you should choose those that are compatible together and for the type of tank that you have.

There is a wide selection of tropcial fish for a freshwater aquarium. Here is a some of the easiest to take care of and great for beginners.

Goldfish: Goldfish are scavengers. They will eat almost anything, including smaller fish. Some can live as long as 50 years. Goldfish are also sociable and get along with other fish. They do require a lot of open tank space.

Requires space: 6-8 gallons of tank space One goldfish per 10 gallon tank

Platy or Moonfish: Some have acquired the name as swordtail Platies. There are various protein flake foods available. However, they do need vegetation such as algae and other plant life. They are social fish and get along well with others. They will breed in the aquarium, so they may not be compatible with fish such as goldfish. Goldfish will eat smaller fish.

Rasboras: Rasboras are in the same family as goldfish. They are friendly and do well in a community type aquarium. They are relatively easy to care for as well. These fish are do better with 6 or more fish that from a school of fish. They fair better on meaty foods such as bloodworms. Vegetation is good for them such as flakes as a part of their diet.

Angelfish: Angelfish are one of the easiest to care for. They are also friendly and sociable. However, much like goldfish, they will eat smaller fish. They are frequent breeders producing thousands of fry (eggs that will hatch.) They are adaptable, not requiring special tank conditions.

When choosing your fish for a freshwater aquarium, it is best to find fish that are compatible. Water temperature and water pH are important factors. Algae is a common problem with fish aquariums. Not only do your fish need to be compatible, your algae eater needs to be compatible with your fish. There are algae eaters which will feed on fish.

It may be best to start out with one or two types of fish. Fish size is important due to the fact that fish such as goldfish (carnivores) will eat smaller fish. The size of tank and amount of open space that is needed for your fish needs to be determined as well. With a little bit of research, you will be able to select beautiful fish that are easy to care for which will bring you hours of enjoyment.

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Comments (3)

Very well articulated info for the person contemplating a fish tank.

interesting article about how start a fish aquarium

great article, reminds me when my brother kept an aquarium which had, angel, gold, zebra, moli, guppi and fighter. but the fighter killed most of them so it was not exactly successful.