Unusual Goldfish That Make Great Aquarium Pets
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Unusual Goldfish That Make Great Aquarium Pets

Goldfish are great for young and old. The Lionhead Oranda and Telescope eye goldfish are all fancy goldfish. They are easy to care for but should be kept with other sight impaired goldfish. They have a lot of trouble finding their good so keeping them with their kind will give them all an even chance.

One of the oldest breeds of goldfish is the Lionhead.  The Lionhead has a beautiful face with an unusual head growth.  Their head growth can be very large and annoying as it can grow over their gills and will make it difficult for them to breath.

The Lionhead goldfish has a fat belly and it does not have a dorsal fin.  They come in many colors and mixture of colors.

The Lionhead is a peaceful fish and they have some problems seeing.  The head growth will sometime cover their eyes.  They should be kept with other sight-impaired fish so they can get food.  Do not keep the fast swimmers with the sight-impaired goldfish.  The Lionhead would be a great addition to any aquarium.

The Oranda goldfish is very popular all over the world.   It is a very unique goldfish that has long flowing tail fins.  They get their very distinct look because of their fascinating head growth.  It looks like a raspberry they are balancing on their head.

They must be kept in good clean water and they must have a good quality goldfish food.

They are a very friendly fish and they will be happy with other goldfish.  They are slow swimmers and it is best if they are kept with other slow swimmers like the Bubble Eye, Black Moor and Fantail.  Getting enough food is important and it they are with slow swimmers everyone will have an equal chance at getting their share of the food.  They also like to eat zucchini, spinach, lettuce, peas besides their fish flakes and pellets.

The Oranda is a hardy fish and they are a very social fish.  They will make a beautiful addition to any goldfish aquarium.

The Telescope eye goldfish has large protruding eyes.  The Black Moor and Panda Moor are relatives of the Telescope eye goldfish.    They can be found in several colors. If they are solid black, they are called Black Moors and if they are black and white, they are called Panda Moors. 

Their protruding eyes make it difficult for them to see so they like to feed off the bottom of the tank as they can find the food easier.  If you want them to have a variety of food use a feeding clip that, you can attach spinach, cucumber and other vegetables too.  It will attach to the side of the aquarium with a suction cup and the fish will soon learn where the food source is.

They are a very docile fish and they swim very slowly.  They can become very tame and they get along well with other goldfish that have poor eyesight.

Any of these unusual goldfish will be a great addition to any goldfish aquarium.

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