What is an Opaline Gourami?
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What is an Opaline Gourami?

The Trichogaster Trichopterus, commonly known as the Opaline Gourami, is an elegant fish with its pretty body color patterns resembling marble, earning it another name which is the Marbled Gourami.


The Trichogaster Trichopterus, commonly known as the Opaline Gourami, is an elegant fish with its pretty body color patterns resembling marble, earning it another name which is the Marbled Gourami. It is quite a very popular fish for fish tank hobbyists because of its size, its looks and its easy to care for nature. If you are thinking of getting an Opaline Gourami, or several, for your fish tank, whether you are an experienced fish tank hobbyist or a beginner, here is some information that may prove useful for you.

Physical Appearance

Its small elongated body is adorned with a marble pattern featuring silver and blue colors. However, it can also come in other color combinations thanks to crossbreeding with other types of gourami fish. It can grow up to 6 inches in length. Its fins have rounded corners which give it a sleek and elegant look in addition to its enchanting marble patterns. You can determine the gender of an Opaline Gourami by looking at its dorsal fin. If it is longer and more pointed, it is male. Otherwise, it is female.

Behavior and Temperament

As a juvenile, the Opaline Gourami is quite entertaining to watch since it is very active and moves around a lot. As it grows older and larger, though, it can get pretty aggressive and territorial. For fish tank mates, they can pretty much live peacefully with any other similarly sized fish. However, with other Opaline Gouramis, it can be quite territorial, especially the male of the species. Providing this fish with a lot of hiding places, whether it is plants or rocks, is a good idea since it is quite fond of hiding, especially when it is stressed. They are known to display unique individual personalities so they can be great fish tank pets for either the beginner or the experienced fish tank hobbyist. As for breeding, separating the female from the male after they have spawned is a good idea since the male has a tendency to become aggressive with the female after spawning. The male should be left with the eggs since it is the one that tends to the young after the eggs have hatched.


Because of its small size, the Opaline Gourami only requires a minimum fish tank size of 20 gallons. That should provide enough space for it to swim around and go about its business. The fish tank should be set up so there is enough space at the surface where this fish can come up and gain access to air because that is how it breathes. The fish tank also needs to have a pH level of between 6.0 and 7.8, a water hardness of 2 degrees to 25 degrees dH and a temperature of between 77 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that the water current in the tank be minimized since the Opaline Gourami is easily bothered by a current that is strong, especially if you have a small fish tank. Feeding it is quite easy since it practically eats all kinds of fish food including brine shrimp, flakes, bloodworms and even algae.

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