Why You Should Feed Your Goldfish Pellet Food over Goldfish Flake Food
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Why You Should Feed Your Goldfish Pellet Food over Goldfish Flake Food

Find out why goldfish pellet food is a better choice for your goldfish and aquarium than goldfish flake food and what ingredients you should look for in a high quality goldfish pellet food. Goldfish flake food disintegrates almost immediately after you sprinkle it into your aquarium, making your aquarium cloudy and leaving your goldfish lacking nourishment. Feeding goldfish a high quality goldfish pellet food is one of the secrets to having clear aquarium water as well as a healthy goldfish.

The food you feed your goldfish makes a huge difference in the quality of its life and the quality of the aquarium water. Goldfish flakes quickly disintegrate leaving your goldfish still hungry and your aquarium water cloudy. In addition, some goldfish foods contain more starch than any other ingredient, leaving your goldfish lacking the nutrients it needs to be healthy no matter how much it eats. 

Choosing a high quality goldfish pellet food is an important staple for every goldfish’s diet. It is wise to find a goldfish pellet food that is full of Omega 3 and 6 HUFA’s, nutrients that help a goldfish thrive. Many great goldfish pellet foods also contain natural Salmon skin pigments that will help keep your goldfish looking brilliantly colorful. You should always look for a goldfish pellet food that contains these ingredients. Many low quality goldfish foods are made of mostly starch, but high quality goldfish pellet foods contain an abundance of fresh seafood protein.

In addition, it is very important to make sure that the goldfish pellet food you are purchasing has an expiration date on the container because old, expired goldfish pellet food loses its nutritional value even when the container is unopened. It is also very important to purchase fresh pellets and throw away any leftover pellets about six months after opening the container because the pellets will lose their nutritional value over time after they are opened even if the food is not passed its expiration date yet. 

Many of the best goldfish pellet foods for sale come in three sizes, which are small medium and large. The average sized goldfish, which is about six inches long, should eat medium sized goldfish pellets. If you are unsure about what size of pellet food you should purchase for your goldfish, purchase the small sized pellets. It is better to buy pellets that are too small than pellets that are too big for your goldfish to eat.

Goldfish pellet foods are a much better goldfish food choice because flake foods tend to disintegrate into the water much faster than pellet foods. When you feed your goldfish pellet foods instead of flake foods, the water stays a lot cleaner and clearer. In addition, your goldfish will be able receive more nourishment because it will be able to eat more because it takes a much longer amount of time for goldfish pellet foods to disintegrate than flake food.   

Even the most expensive goldfish pellet foods are not extremely expensive investments for your goldfish aquarium. You can purchase many brands of high quality goldfish pellets for less than ten dollars at many pet stores. Help your goldfish live a healthier, longer life by making a high quality goldfish pellet food part of your goldfish’s diet.

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